Free Verse (No rhyme)

A Painless Day (BR)

Another day, I have so much to gain.
This morning, I awoke with no pain and it felt so wonderful.
I got out of bed with no help from anyone.
Looked at my clock and saw eight hours I had slept.

Opened my fridge and saw bacon and eggs.
I will cook them and add some cinnamon toast to my meal.
No cane for me today, I am walking simply fine.
Maybe a stroll later today while the sun is sunny and warm.

Yep, no medical challenges for me today.
I feel God’s goodness is coming in my direction.
This will be a painless day and I so am grateful.
God, my prayers will go to you for this beautiful blessing.

Author’s note:

Grateful for all my painless days

I wonder how many people live a much lower level of life, as far as joy and peace, than what’s available to them, but they’ve just been in that condition so long, they don’t even know there’s anything wrong with it. You know, you can be dysfunctional so long that you learn how to function within your dysfunction. And you don’t even realize that there’s a better life available to you. But I want you to know that Jesus said, “The thief comes only, only to kill, steal, and destroy”. But, Jesus said, “I came that you might have and enjoy your life, and have it in abundance to the full, until it overflows”. Don’t let pain keep you from enjoying your life!

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