Free Verse

Life … your journey until you stop breathing.
Love … your feelings within your heart.
Living … your condition of being alive.

It is hard to master all three, don’t you think?
These three words have been analyzed for years.
Realize you cannot make someone happy.  
You can only make yourself happy.

Celebrate Life, Love, and Living is a
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FanStory Platform.

Jesus is the answer for
–        A full life, true love, happiness, joy, and peace.
Do you want a good life, to fall in love or live a life to its fullest?
You may get all three by praying, forgiving, giving, encouraging, and listening.

Enjoy your path in life to its fullest. Everyday!
Love by helping someone to suffer less. Daily!
Live fully with every breath God gives you. Always

It is time to Celebrate your life, love, and living!
Don’t forget to count your blessings.

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