I don’t get crazy about my failures and letdowns.
I know, it’s going to happen eventually, I will not drown.
I am an unperfect human being with earthly faults.
I will get back into the game, whatever the cost?

I will pull up my bootstraps, try again, and again.
I will learn from life’s ups and downs, yet be kind to all men.
A fervent praying person does not give up.
But, wait on the Lord of Lords for his anointed cup.

Fight on through your trials, testings, and temptations.
Let God’s perfect love remove those earthly troubling situations.
Never surrender, never let a defeat be in your spirit.
Lean on God for His power, He has no limit.

Slanders and falsehoods will always attack.
I fail, yet I always spring back!
How about you?

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