My son was born healthy and normal, then he had a heart problem.
Through lots of tears and prayers, he triumphed; his life did blossom.
I awake every morning with my mind intact.
I do not take this gift lightly; my God knows no lack.

My parents lived an exceptionally long life, never were they apart.
They had five children, who loved them with all their hearts.
Worked many years at my job, now am happily retired.
More time to spend in devotions with my Savior, who I do so admire.

Path was not always smooth or easy, but I always found a way.
God gave me all I needed, and I am so thankful to this day.
I loved, been loved, and now am in love.
I thank my Lord and Savior from above.

Once in search of my purpose; our God always tries to please us.
I was once lost, but now I know Christ Jesus.
I am grateful for all the obstacles I had to face.
God built my character and integrity and given me His grace.

I am grateful.


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