Free verse with a little rhyme

We love our families, friends, and neighbors.
Although in 2020 we said goodbye to many of them.
We are living in a temporal home today.
Heaven is our eternal resting place, come what may.

Our Heavenly Father said, our tears will be wiped away.
No more death, nor sorrow or crying, it is a new day.
No more pain, former things will pass away.
We should not sorrow as others who have no hope.

We shall always be with our Lord and Savior,
Our goodbyes will become hellos.
Our separation will turn to a reunion.
Our future fellowship will never cease.

The unbelievers will meet to only part again.
Believers will only part to meet again.  Halleluiah.
In Heaven we will never, never say Goodbye again.
We will be in peace forever and ever with the King!

Heaven is a beautiful place we will go to when we die. 

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