Free Verse

See Something, Say Something

Everyday bad things are done right in front of our eyes.
Do we turn a blind eye and walk away, or do we say something?
Do we not have a moral obligation to say something to correct a wrong?
Should we not try our best to do something about the oppressions of life?

When we see something that we know is wrong, and unjust,
Should we not stop and get off the bus and make a phone call?
Should we not get out of our comfort zone and say something,
When the need is right in front of our eyes?

It is easy to live in our little cocoon and mind our own business.
It takes guts and a little bravery to stop and help someone.
Sure, we can always pray for the world to be better one day.
Wouldn’t it be better when you do your part?

Yet shouldn’t we take a stance against abuse, exploitation, and racism?
Is not it a better way to help someone when you see the pain and have no regrets.
We all have a moral obligation to say something and do something.
I promise you; your life will be better for what you do, then what you did not do!

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