I have never seen His face, but I know He is handsome.
I have never been so loved by anyone, yet He loves me with all His heart.
He freely gives me so much joy, peace, and harmony in my life.
He makes me smile even when I do not feel like it.

He tells me to trust and lean on him; He will never fail me.
I have never seen such real beauty in creation, until I met Him.
I know for a fact; He will never leave me or forsake me.
My relationship with Him over the years, has grown intimately.

No one can snatch me out of His hands.
His understanding of me has no limit.
When I  mess up, He forgives me and forgets my iniquity.
Every promise He makes is accurate and truthful. He is honest.

I learn so much from Him. His wisdom is limitless.
I can trust Him; He will never make a mistake,
never undercut me or deceive me.
I am never afraid; He is my protector.

I have never called upon Him that He did not answer.
When I have a problem, I give it to Him and go to bed.

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