This poem is free verse with a little rhyming. Thanks for reading.

The elderly are lonely these days

Over a year ago, I started calling sixteen seniors.
There were twenty-one spunky elderly, then there were five.
There ages range from 74 to 95 years old.
They love hearing from me every Monday morning, if truth be told.

Unbeknown to them; they blessed me with their years of wisdom.
How they look forward to my phone call and friendly encouraging voice.
Not many visits, do they get from family and friends since Covid-19.
They watch TV, do puzzles, and look out their windows to see any kind of movement.

I can feel their loneliness and seclusion on every call.
They rise early in the dark, before sunrise and hope they do not fall.
The elderly life can be very lonely sometimes.
They don’t deserve loneliness, loss of independence or life’s hard times.

My only mission is to uplift their spirits with a kind caring word.
I even get a chance to pray with them, they just want to be heard.
All let us reach out more to the aging elderly with a little Godly love.
You will and can change their lives with a simple phone call.

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