The Joy of Christmas

This Christmas is—awkward—for sure,
Bottles of sanitizers, wearing of masks, but we’ve endured.
We pushed through another year, wiser than before,
Blessed and grateful for Jesus, Who’s always at our door.

Less family and friends we’ll see, but help is on its way,
We will be alright, because we do know how to pray.
Over the years, we learned, the Real Reason for the Season,
It’s all about Him. Yes! The Son of God!  Jesus is the reason!!

Going into 2021, don’t allow your head to not trust, God’s Holy Word,
Use your heart to step out on faith, trust our Savior, and be heard.
Jesus is the only cure for peace, love, and happiness in your life,
Hey single men!  God may bless you with a wife!!

So, we have to be joyful and wise, as we fellowship this year,
God said, put your trust in Me, do not fear.
Blessings will fall from our Father above,
One thing that never changes is our Lord and Savior’s love.

So, this Christmas, let us lift our eyes to the hills,
We must humble ourselves and be grateful, He provides to pay our bills.
Remember God’s blessings from Heaven flows down,
But God’s love won’t always be around.

God knows our every need and feels your sorrows.
Never fear, He is here and will be there tomorrow.
Many years ago, God sacrificed His begotten Son, Christ Jesus,
Showing how much He genuinely cares for us.

As we meet each other in reverence tomorrow, even today,
Let us remember God’s commandments, to love Him and obey.
Let us Love freely, Share and Forgive,
You will always be happy when you learn to give.

Remember those who are hurting and homeless,
the elderly, the deaf and blind—
As well as the wealthy,
You’re always blessed when you are kind.

May your joy be fulfilled, and you step closer to your goal,
and your prayers always answered, for God is still in control!
God’s love for us is the reason we are still here,
Trust that one day this pandemic will eventually disappear.

Forest Heights Baptist Church will be ready for all next year,
We will be bigger, and better, that alone is enough for a cheer!
So, pray for our members, the growth of the church and our Pastor Jones,
Never forget, God is still on His Heavenly Throne.

I conclude with this ……
Open your door and heart and let Jesus come in,
He loves you.  With Him in your life, you will always win!

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