The Lethal Tongue

Use words without any forethought or consideration to others.
Use words that impact feelings, reactions and smothers.
Sometimes words can hurt more than we will ever know.
Are you careful and mindful of what you say to others or do you just let it flow?
Yes, even in God’s house you should choose your words carefully!
We shouldn’t say somethings, whenever, wherever and to whomever.
It’s just not right and their is no victory!

Words are usually said to be understood, right?
Are you looking for an opinion or viewpoint?
Meekness in our words does not mean we are weak;
its power under control before one speaks.

Words spoken with wisdom are so powerful and potent.
It gives knowledge to share one’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
Do we use our words wisely when we speak?
or do we use our lethal tongue to make your receiver feel weak?

Words of wisdom from above bring strength and understanding.
A gentle answer turns away wrath.
Harsh words stir up anger (Proverbs 15:1)
God is your measuring stick when you speak.
Would He say the words you speak?

Brothers & sisters, the tongue is a vessel to help,
encourage, inspire, and motivate the listener.
Your reward in how you use your tongue,
will be honored and rewarded by God, the Father and Son.

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