A Hungry child is also uncomfortable

We are uncomfortable knowing we can do more.
Hunger is not understood by a child who is poor.
A child only understands my stomach is bare.
The time is now for people to show they care.

Not a path they chose for their life.
Will you be the one to help with their plight?
We see, yet we ignore their unfortunate fate.
Seconds away from starvation, no time to wait.

No time for COVID-19, no food is their virus
It is painful to see a child suffer; God, please guide us.
It is more troubling to know we could do more.
Knowing giving may save a life better than before.

How do the little ones fight fair to this disease?
When they are too weak even to breathe.
Is $5.00 too much to feed a child?
Such an insignificant price to see them smile.

We may be uncomfortable for a moment.
They are dying, and there is no time to lament.
Pray to God to humble your heart to share.
Let them know you will humbly be there.

Children should not have to worry about a meal.
They just need a little helping hand to heal.
Be the one to comfort a child’s hunger today.
I know your blessing will be on its way.

Thank you, Free Google images.

“No matter where you come from in life, someone has helped you. So, you have to remember that. No matter how poor you are, how rich you are, someone has always helped you.” Feed the Children, excerpt.

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