Social distancing is the law of the land today.
We can still be kindhearted in a little way.
Be considerate to others when entering a store.
Do not forget the elderly should be first through the door.

Showing respect to each other should be your norm.
See a human being like your brother and sister, be transformed.
Keep your mask on and nod your head to say hi.
It is like a smile or hello to those you pass by.

Jesus came to earth to take away sins from the sinner.
Being kind, friendly and helpful are simply a no brainer.
Show others, understanding, sympathy and empathy.
It is a better way to live to have peace, joy, and harmony.

Do not believe Satan’s lies; we all can do better.
Lies is his native language; seek Jesus’s promises forever.
Track those missed hugs, kisses, and face to face conversations.
Remember we will be reunited with love ones and friends’ relations.

The day will come when those things will return.
Until then, it is never too late to be kind and show concern.
Let Jesus be your strength and show you the way.


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