“This is what the hungry say…”

Sorry, did you say something?
No sir, that was my stomach making that hollow sound.
You see, I haven’t eaten in a while,
my empty stomach is filled with air bubbles these days.
The noise is something I can’t control,
People can see and hear I am hungry, yet
No one seems to care about my plight!
Every day, the sound gets louder and I get weaker.
At times, the noise wakes me from my sleep
Oh yes, I have prayed for food daily from anyone.
I believe, the Lord is waiting for somebody
to have understanding, compassion or empathy on my suffering.
Stranger, will it be you today?
Will you find in your heart a
way to satisfy my craving and thirst this day?
No worries….
No, I won’t give up!
God has not forgotten me.
This is not my final path in life, to starve to death.
I won’t believe that I can’t!
I am His child.
No, I believe, I will eat again!

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