This a Loop poem. The last word of each line becomes the first word of the next line.


All are worthy of respect, the right to be tested,
Tested by our trusted government, keeping us safe and healthy.

Healthy after obedience of sanitizing and social distancing,
Distancing socially and resting should launch us back to standard health.

Health insurance–absence thereof–presents a problem paying the bill, Bill monthly? Please don’t! I haven’t any money.

Money, I didn’t have after the economy closed, followed by a stay in ICU,
ICU with overwhelmed staff, saved some lives, free from the beast, Corona.

Corona, ruthless to all, from Morehouse to the crackhouse, a sting of Satan’s death, Death of the young and not so, all on its path, will feel the powerful jolt.

Jolt of this disease may send one to Heaven early,
Early testing for all is…the new “essential” and citizen right.

Right to live. No grieving loved ones kissing our window, followed by a bittersweet Facetime.

Note: Are we, God’s People, dwelling in the said wealthiest country on the globe, not worthy of equal safety and security as those at the top?

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